POER Wireless Thermostat


Controlling your gas boiler, underfloor heating and radiators

Wireless connection  20%-30% Cost saving  Battery power

POER PTC10+PTR10 Wireless Thermostat
Wireless and Comfortable

POER wireless thermostat set, its wireless signal can penetrate 2-3 walls.

Ultra-low power MCU make it possible to be powered with 2*AA batteries. So that you can place the thermostat anywhere in house with good signal area.

Let's upgrade your gas boiler an other heating system with our PTC10/PTR10

High Precision
Temperature and Humidity Sensor
High Precision Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Comfortable environment

PTC10's built-in high-precision temperature sensor monitors the temperature of your room in real time, and keeps the room temperature stable by controlling the heating source. Temperature offset, temperature control hystersis can be adjusted, and the adjustment range of control hystersis is 0.1℃-1.0℃. It can meet the demand of different room types. The matched humidity sensor can better show the environment of the room.

Option control mode--PID control

In addition to the ordinary temperature control mode, POER also added more advanced PID control mode for customers to choose. The PID control mode can effectively reduce the temperature fluctuation of the room and improve the comfort of the room.

Energy Saving
Reduce Cost by 20%-30%
Energy Saving

PTC10 can accurately measure the temperature of the room. And with a programming function that supports up to 12 segments. It can effectively reduce the energy waste in the room temperature is too high, the rest period, and the room is unoccupied.

Every room's PTC10s can work together to control the gas boiler. So that it will turn off the heating if all room do not need heating.

Opening window detection function

POER smart thermostat PTC10 has a window detection function. When the window or door in our home is opened, the room temperature will drop in a short time. The thermostat will turn off heating for a period of time to save energy. The time to turn off the heating can be set separately.

Anti-aging treatment
Keep White
Anti-aging Treatment

The thermostat housing is made of customized materials and high-priced molds. At the same time, anti-aging treatment was done to keep the thermostat white for a long time, always like new ones.

Wireless Connection
Solve the problem that the renovated house cannot be wired
Support wall and desktop placement
Wireless Connection
Low battery alarm
program information is automatically saved
Antifreeze/child lock function
  • Battery power Low battery alarm display
    Battery power Low battery alarm display
  • Programming information  is not lost after power off
    Programming information is not lost after power off
  • Antifreeze protection
    Antifreeze protection
  • Children lock
    Children lock
Upgrading to smart thermostats?
Add one gateway to get the smart control functions for free.

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