POER Wireless Smart Thermostat


Controlling electric underfloor heating, electric radiators and other electric heating equipment

20%-30% Cost saving Wireless connection APP smart controlling

POER PTC10+PTR16+PTG10 Wifi wireless thermostat
Smart Wireless Electric Heating

POER smart wireless electric heating thermostat consists of three parts. Thermostat, receiver and gateway. The thermostat PTC10 is responsible for measuring the room temperature and processing control information. The receiver PTR16 is responsible for turning on or turning off the heating. The gateway PTG10 is responsible for device internet communication. Such a reasonable split design is suitable for most electric heating application scenarios, especially suitable for rooms with difficult wiring.

Smart Wireless Electric Heating
High Precision
Temperature and Humidity Sensor
High Precision Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Comfortable environment

PTC10 contains a high-precision temperature sensor. Through this sensor, we can see the temperature in the room in real time. The thermostat also uses this temperature data to determine whether to heat or stop heating. So as to keep the temperature of the room at a stable target temperature. In order to better display the room environment, we have added a humidity sensor. The offset of temperature sensor and humidity sensor can be adjusted.

PID temperature control

In addition to ordinary temperature control mode, we consider more for customers. The addition of PID temperature control method further improves the customer's temperature control experience, no matter what kind of room you are, there will always be no less comfort.

Temperature control hystersis adjustable

You can adjust the thermostat control hystersis from 0.1℃ to 1.0℃.

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Connect to the Server Through the Gateway
You can check and control your home
heating anytime anywhere

The temperature controller PTC10 in each room can be connected to the Internet through the gateway. We can use the App to view and control the electric floor heating or other electric heating equipment wherever there is internet. For example, if you want to go home temporarily, you can turn on the electric floor heating at home in the office.

Connect to the Server Through the Gateway
POER PTC10+PTR16+PTG10 Wifi wireless thermostat
Energy Saving
Reduce Cost by 20%-30%
Energy Saving

The POER thermostat PTC10 has a programming function, which automatically runs according to the actual heating demand. Save energy to every precise time period. Up to 12 segments of programming information can be set a day. At night, the room target temperature can be lowered. During the day when there are people, it will run to a comfortable temperature, and it will return to the ECO temperature when leaving.

Turning off heating after opening window

The thermostat PTC10 has the function of detecting window opening. When the windows in the home are opened, the thermostat will detect it and turn off the heating for a while. The specific time period can be set according to user requirment.

Wireless Connection
Solve the problem that the renovated house cannot be wired
Support wall and desktop placement
Wireless Connection
Low battery alarm
program information is automatically saved
Antifreeze/child lock function
  • Battery power Low battery alarm display
    Battery power Low battery alarm display
  • Programming information  is not lost after power off
    Programming information is not lost after power off
  • Antifreeze protection
    Antifreeze protection
  • Saving
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